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Rose garden – Frimley Park

August 2013

The Hastings Rose Society, established its stunning gardens, based on London’s Kew Gardens. At the heart of the garden was a central meeting place, which was marked by a pergola. As the gardens have become more established, it was long overdue for a new centerpiece where people could gather or individuals could visit to reflect and feel at peace in the stunning surroundings.

A structure was required that would stand the test of time, draw people to the gardens and compliment the 4000 strong rose garden. The brief was an open-air structure that was covered and constructed of natural resources. Inspiration was taken from the Veronica Sunbay Memorial in Napier as a place for people to meet and take in the beauty of the surrounding environment.


The octagonal shaped open-air pavilion perfectly picture frames every element of the expansive and colourful rose garden.

Designed to replicate the aerial view of the gardens, the pavilion creates a culturally enriched central meeting place, which is entered from a long paved entranceway starting 400 metres away at the edge of Frimley Park. Sightlines are both intimate and expansive and the open-air platform provides the unique opportunity to view and smell the scent of the gardens.

Seating is well placed for visitors to take in the environment and the objective is to give a feeling of being within the gardens but in a covered structure. The roof is corrugated Coloursteel, while the ceiling is macrocarpa sarking and rafters. The main structure uses structural steel and pre-cast concrete, which are naturally coloured, hardwearing and resistant to the elements.

The outcome is a pavilion that creates a focal point for the gardens that draws visitors in to meet or sit and reflect.